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Moisturise your skin In winter Using Glycerine, Rose water and lemons.

Assalam O Alaikum Readers........
Today i am here with an interesting home remedy, This home remedy is applicable for those people who are tired of their dry skin i.e face , foots, hands etc.
Mainly in winters , human skin become dry and give many problems.So, if you are searching for treating dry skin in home using simple remedy than you are at right place.
Lets start the tutorial.

I am using three cheap products in in this remedy.
Rose Water, lemon juice and Glycerine. You can easily get these products from any medical store.
Rose Water, lemon and Glycerine have many advantages for skin it can be used to moisturized the skin.

How To Moisturize You Skin In Winter

  • Mix a little amount of Rose Water, lemon juice and Glycerine in a small bottle or cup and apply it on the effected areas.
  • Apply the paste before going to bed. and wash with warm water at morning.
  • Continue this process for a week and you will get a notable result. Your skin will become moisturized.
  • Those people who use Rose Water and Glycerine on their face regularly, they will not face any skin problem in whole winter season and even in normal days.
  • It give a fresh look to your face. It can be applied to any body parts like face, neck, foot, hands.
  • There is no disadvantage of using these products because these are natural.
  • Paste of Rose Water and Glycerine works in many skin problems like it can maintain skin tone, it works like a cleanser, it help in lightning skin color.
These are some advantages of Rose Water and Glycerine which can help in glowing and moisturizing your skin,
I hope it will help you solving dryness of your skin.
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