Saturday, August 19, 2017

Increase Appetite Naturally In Home

Hope you all are fine and fit.Today will will share simple naturally home remedy to increase your hunger or appetite.
In today's post i will gonna show you how to get more hunger and eat more meal.
Nutrients like protein and carbohydrates give power to the body and hence human can perform all day to day activities easily.
What if you are not getting hungry....? you will become weak.......? You will feel lazy.....?

Increase Appetite In Home Using Home Remedies

People are facing problems like they become less hungry or they cant eat too much food.
You can increase your appetite by using below methods.


You can use appetite syrup directed by your doctor to increase your appetite. If you wanna try natural remedies than follow the post.

Use coriander:

Coriander is used to increase appetite, its a natural product and you can easily get it from the market.
Eat some amount of coriander before eating meal and you will become hungry.

Try fennel tea.

Fennel tea is also a good drink to increase  appetite.
Drink a cup of fennel tea before dinner or lunch and you will feel a good increase in your hunger.
Its easily available in market and its cheap.

Use carom seeds:

Consume carom seeds in your diet or if you are already using it, increase it in your diet. People have used carom seeds and it gave good results.
These seeds are easily available in market.

Eat ginger:

Make a paste from ginger and consume it in your diet or if you can eat it directly than it will be more efficient and it will surely increase appetite and they are very help full and people got positive results.

These are the home remedies and tips which will surely help you. if you liked the post , kindly share it with your friends.
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