Saturday, August 19, 2017

Make Home Made Cleanser For Face Using Milk and Lemon Juice

People are buying expensive cleansing products nowadays which contain harmful chemicals which damage your skin.Today i will show you how to make home made cleanser for face.
Why we are wasting our money on cleansing masks and face cleanser, when we can make it in our in 5 minutes.

Learn How To Make Home Made Cleanser For Face

You will require only 2 ingredients which are available in every refrigerator now a days.
they are:

Milk and Lemon juice.

  • Take 5 spoon milk and add 2 spoon of lemon juice and mix it in a bowl.
  • After mixing it apply milk and lemon paste on your face before going to bed in night.Wash you face with warm water in the morning and that's it.
  • Apply it regularly to get good results.


  • Whiten skin
  • Maintain the tone of skin.
  • Moisturize skin in winters.
  • Fade acne scars.
  • Clean face pores.
  • Cure white and black head.
  • Glow your skin.
  • Smooth and soften skin.

There are many more advantages of this little home remedy. There is no side effect of this cleanser because its mad up of natural ingredients.
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