Monday, August 7, 2017

My First Blog Post


Starting with the name of Allah whose bounties are unbounded and whose mercies are unlimited.

It gives me immense pleasure to write my first blog post on
Its me Aamir khan,  Founder of HealthvsBeauty blog.
Its been a long time since i'm passionate about blogging and my dream came true in the form of HealthvsBeauty blog, I would like to share the credits with my sister Maria khan who has got a lot of interest in health, beauty and fashion related topics.
She will share her knowledge and experience regarding these topics.

I'm sure and guarantee you people that the info obtained from this blog will prove very reliable and helpful to you.

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Thanks for taking out time to read my post.
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Its me Aamir khan, Founder Of HealthvsBeauty blog.This blog is created to provide guidance regarding health, beauty and fashion to the people at a distance of just one click.